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Meet Doula Ife Adebowale

Founder and Director

Ife Adebowale, known as Mama or Doula Ife (E-Faye) is a pioneer of Holistic Black Doulas in Columbus, GA. She began her birthwork in 2015 when she was summoned by Dr. Ameena Ali to begin an ancestral path of birthwork. After accepting the calling and completing her studies as a Certified Holistic Birth and Postpartum doula and birthing her 4th daughter unassisted, she began teaching birth education and attending homebirths part-time from 2016-2018. She realized the impact she was making but being consumed deeply into the matrix of a corporate career life, her passion of birthwork was put on hold.

In 2018, after losing her 12.5 year old job at a prominent corporation, she was determined NOT to sacrifice her time, energy, and integrity having to go find another job. She PRAYED and MEDITATED on what she would and had to do. Afterwards, she was releasing and journaling and she heard the ancestors say, “you have been released, now fulfil your assignment and purpose”. It was at this very moment, she knew what she had to do. Her thoughts were impregnated with purpose of making CLB exactly what she envisioned, what the ancestors laid forth for her, and what her community needed. She pours everything into CLB. Labor wasn't easy, but CLB was rebirth in 2019. Today, as of January of 2023, CLB has serviced over 62 families and we have had the honor of catching 18 babies.

Since the rebirth of CLB, Doula Ife decided that providing doula services and birth education wasn't enough and in 2021, she embarked on a journey of Traditional Midwifery. She has created both a Certified Holistic Birth and Postpartum Doula Training Program, a nonprofit organization, a mentorship program for doulas, as well as written a birth bundle book. 

Ife has dedicated her life to to birth work by educating, empowering, and aiding women with birthing the way they want. Support the cause TODAY!

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In the News

2002 Features and Highlights

• Article in ShoutOut ATL 

• 2/22/22 PPCM Fund Inc. interview with Lindsay Staloff-Peterson

• 3/9/22 Interview with Dr. Kit Heintzmen-COVID-19 Oral History Archive; Conducted By: Historian of Arizona State University 

• 4/11/22 Interview with Emely Matos-Researching Black Doulas Perspectives and Experienced while Navigating Birthwork in the US Maternity Care System

• 8/13/22 Self-Aware and f**ed Up Podcast @treethelpc "SANKOFA"

•8/24/22 WTVM interview

• 9/2022 Interview with Margo Snipes, National Health Reporter of Capital B News 

• 10/2022 Interview with Voyage ATL

•10/1/22 Planned, created, and executed our 1st Annual Ancestral Starseed Celebration 

•Created Overnight Postpartum Doula Services and hired our first client for 1/2023

• 11/2022 created an online FB LIVE Birth Educational Class: How to give Birth without FEAR.

•11/2022 Open Online Shopify Store

• Continued nonprofit organizational building

•12/2022 Created and wrote The Ultimate Birth Guidance Journal and Planner Bundle 

•12/11/2022 1st Holistic Postpartum Training Cohort

•12/2022-1/2023 Contracted with Stork Club as an independent contractor doula

•12/2020 The Doula Network reached out wanted to hire me as an Independent Contractor 

•12/2022 Nominated for Girls Boss Award Health Care Professional of the Year

•Continued studies as a Traditional Midwife

•Instructed and trained 10+ women in Holistic Birth and Postpartum Education 

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Baby's Grasp

ShoutOut ATL

December 2021-2022

Self Aware and F*d Up Podcast

August 13, 2022

WTVM Interview

August 24, 2022

Voyage ATL Interview

October 1, 2022

Cherishing Life Beginnings Team Members


Tiara Wormly

Certified Birth Doula & Certified Lactation Counselor

Tiara Wormly, Founder and CEO of DollBaby Tumblar, is a Certified Birth Doula, Childbirth Educator, Certified Lactation Counselor, WIC Peer Counselor, and Rose Transformer.


N'Gozi "Umi" Mckee-Mathis

Certified (Spiritual) Birth Doula

Ummi N’Gozi, owner and founder of Kulture Kinnect 360’s 1st Multi-Cultural Metaphysical Shop in Columbus, GA. She produces Opulence Teas and in the near future, will be hosting The LivingRoom 360 podcast. She is a Certified Doula and Medical Assistant, has a Bachelors in Psychology majoring in Applied Behaviors, as well as a Bachelors in Metaphysical Science. She enjoys writing, dancing, and music in her past time.

Ummi is a Herbalist guided by nature and science who assists in herbal tea remedies to prevent illnesses and promote holistic healing and wellness. It’s my belief that science, medicine, holistic approaches, and spirituality are a oneness and can be used equally in respects. She has a passion for assisting and being an impactful Earth Mother to the BIPOC community.


Kamille Bright

Independent (RN) Registered Nurse

Homebirther Mother Earth of 2, Kamille Bright is an independent RN that has a background in Labor and Delivery. She is a Certified Holistic Birth Doula trained by Cherishing Life Beginnings Doula Service. She provides in-home prenatal care and postpartum support services.


D'Ashshanae Pippens "Miss Pip"

Certified DONA and Cherishing Life Beginnings Postpartum Doula

Well-versed in normal newborn behavior and appearance, and normal postpartum healing, Miss Pip provide families information and support on infant feeding, emotional and physical recovery from childbirth, infant soothing, and coping skills for new parents. She is ready and available to aid you and your family in your transition to parenthood.

Meet and Greet: Team Members

Cherishing Life Beginnings Collaborative Partnership Team Members

Meet and Greet: Team Members

Michelle Moncrief

Certified DONA Doula and Student Midwife

Michelle Moncrief is 28 years old and has been happily married since 2015. She has 4 children and currently studying as a Certified Professional Midwife. Michelle is the Founder and CEO of Sacred Ezer Doula Care. Ezer means help in Hebrew and Sacred means Holy. She found purpose with this name as she is helping mothers with their wombs being from God to bring life into this world with love and support. 


  • Certified Birth Doula with DONA International

  • Certified Lactation Counselor with Academy of Lactation Policy and Practice (ALPP)

  • Certified Traditional Postpartum Doula with The NAFSA School Project

  • Certified Placenta Encapsulation Specialist with Women's Choice Perinatal Services

  • Certified Bengkung Belly Binding Specialist with Postpartum Belly Binding

  • 2 day attendance of the Spinning Babies Workshop 

  • Proud Member of National Black Doula Association

  • Proud Member of Military Birth Resource Network

  • Proud Member of European Doula Network


Placenta encapsulation services

Lactation services

Childbirth education 

Comfort measure 

Vaginal steam services 


Raina Brown

Bereavement Doula, PAIL Advocate, Reproductive Health & Fertility Advocate

Founder and CEO of Majestic Sunflower LLC, she is currently pursing a Master Degree in Social Work. Author of “When The Last Petal Falls”, she quotes, "things may happen in life, but just as the flower will lose it petals and it blooms again, so will you. Raina is passionate about working with mothers/women and families of color, military families, children, and adolescents.


A'Kerra of Chai Babies

Placenta Encapsulation Services

A'Kerra is a student doula trained by Cherishing Life Begininings Doula and Birth Educational Services. She provides placenta encapsulation services as well as birth doula services.

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