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Cherishing Life Beginnings Doula and Birth Educational Services

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At Cherishing Life Beginnings (CLB), we are proud to offer a transformative Holistic Doula Training experience that embraces the profound wisdom of ancestral teachings, viewed through the powerful lens of Afrocentric perspectives. Our programs are thoughtfully crafted to empower individuals aspiring to become doulas with a deep understanding of childbirth, while also recognizing and celebrating the heritage and spirituality of African and African diasporic cultures. Our Holistic Doula Training Programs are a tribute to the enduring wisdom that has guided generations of African and African diasporic communities. We understand that the journey of childbirth is profoundly intertwined with the rich tapestry of African heritage, spirituality, and cultural practices. By integrating these teachings, we infuse doula care with cultural significance, spiritual resonance, and a profound connection to our ancestors.


CLB's journey to holistic doula training is rooted in a deep commitment to inclusivity, cultural sensitivity, and transformative care. Born out of the necessity for greater representation of BIPOC Doulas in our community, our path has been one of dedication and purpose. Over the years, we've diligently honed our training program to offer a holistic approach that encompasses not only the technical aspects of childbirth but also the profound emotional, spiritual, and cultural dimensions. We believe that by nurturing the unique talents and cultural perspectives of our students, we are fostering a new generation of doulas who can provide exceptional care to birthing individuals and their families. As we continue on this journey, our goal remains unwavering: to make doula support accessible to every person in need, regardless of their background, and to empower our students to be compassionate and knowledgeable members of Mother Earth's birth team.

About Cherishing Life Beginnings Holistic Doula Comprehensive Training Programs

Thank you for your interest in our Holistic Doula Comprehensive Training program at Cherishing Life Beginnings. This training is designed to empower individuals who are passionate about supporting families during one of life's most transformative experiences: childbirth.

What Is a Holistic Doula? A holistic doula is a trained professional who offers physical, emotional, and informational support to pregnant individuals and their families. They provide compassionate care that honors the unique journey of each family, focusing on the mind, body, and spirit. Holistic doulas understand the importance of not only the birth itself but also the entire pregnancy and postpartum experience.

Why Choose CLB with an Afrocentric Lens?

  • Expert Facilitator: Our team of experienced doulas, cultural experts, and an afrocentric scholar that is passionate about sharing their knowledge and guiding you on this transformative journey.

  • Inclusive Community: Join a supportive and diverse community of learners who share your commitment..

  • Certification: Upon program completion, you'll have the opportunity to earn certification as a Holistic Doula, uniquely positioned to provide culturally rooted and spiritually meaningful care.

  • Continual Mentorship: Benefit from ongoing support and mentorship as you embark on your doula career.


Holistic Birth Doula Training Schedule



Holistic Postpartum Doula Training

In-Person September 13-15, 2024

Online Class

Community Childbirth Class

2024 Schedule Coming SOON

On a Video Call

Birthpreneur Blueprint: The Start-Up Mentorship Program


CLB Educational Services : Courses

Mentorship Program Overview



You MUST have successfully completed a doula training and must commit to a minimum of 2-months with your mentor. Certification is not required.

The Birthpreneur Blueprint: The StartUp Doula Mentorship Program has been thoughtfully crafted to provide unwavering support to doulas at any stage of their journey, whether you're just beginning or looking to enhance your existing skills. Regardless of where you are located, our virtual program welcomes doulas from all corners. This exceptional initiative is designed to instill confidence in your doula work and equip you with the essential skills needed to be a competent and effective birth worker for the families you serve. We extend a warm invitation to all doulas who aspire to expand their birth community, attract more clients, and deepen their knowledge base to consider joining this program, facilitated by the founder of Cherishing Life Beginnings Services, Ife Adebowale.

In our comprehensive two-month mentorship program, doulas will benefit from a wealth of evidence-based and business knowledge, practical tools, and the chance to nurture both their doula skills and business acumen. The program includes monthly one-on-one sessions, local shadowing opportunities, valuable leads for birth certification, and the possibility of a paid internship for local residents. Our overarching objective is to enhance your comprehension of pregnancy, birth, and the postpartum period, enabling you to emerge as a self-assured doula, fully prepared to embark on your doula business journey. 

The initial investment cost is $799.99 which covers all of your essential items such as a doula bag, fees, and a comprehensive workbook to enrich your learning experience. While there is a minimum commitment of two months for the mentorship program, doulas are encouraged to continue beyond this initial period, either on a month-to-month basis or by opting for another two-month term at a discounted rate of $200 per month.

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CLB Educational Services : Course Overview

Holistic Birth Doula Training Overview

Our Traditional Birth Doula Training consists of the following wisdom:

Historical Role of Doulaism and Midwifery

Anatomy and Reproductive Health

The Spiritual Essence of Childbirth
Birth Terminology

Holistic Pain Relief & Narcotic Medications

Prenatal Nutritional Care 

Comfort Measures and Positions

Stages and phases of Labor

Understanding Prodromal Labor

Holistic Healing Modalities
Business of Birthwork

CLB Educational Services : Course Overview

Traditional Practices of Postpartum Training Overview

Our Traditional Postpartum Doula Training consists of the following wisdom:

Unit I: OURStory of Birthwork | What is a Postpartum Doula?
Unit II: Breastfeeding | Integration of Newborn Care 
Unit III: Black Southern Postpartum Traditions of Nutrition and Herbs
Unit IV: Maternal Mental Health | Self Care Practices

Unit V: Business of Postpartum

CLB Educational Services : Course Overview
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