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Testimonials from Clients and Family 

Success Stories

The most rewarding part of Cherishing Life Beginnings Doula and Birth Educational Services & CLB Doula Academy are the happy reviews we receive from our students and families. If you’re wondering what it’s like to birth with CLB, take a look at some of the testimonials below.


Thank you Doula Ife Adebowale. You are providing a needed service for the community. I was born at home, delivered by midwife or doula. I was named after the doula. Her name was Julia Smith.

Professor Judy Purnell, 2023

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I used their Postpartum Overnight Services. It's not easy trusting someone to help you take care of your newborn during such a vulnerable time but Ife and Pipp were angels to my family and I. I was able to get the rest I needed to recover quickly mentally and physically. I would highly recommend this wonderful organization.

Lindsey Townson, 2023


Doula Ife really made Empress feel comfortable throughout the pregnancy. My son is a healthy, vibrant baby and the Doula was a major factor in his safe birth. Funny story, my sons mom had limited pain due to the exercises and conditioning her Doula had her in.

Terrance D. Flowers, January 2023


With smiles and tears of pure joy, our first home birth experience was beautiful and the best decision ever! Huge thanks to Doula Ife & Doula Celsany at Cherishing Life Beginnings Doula Service for providing the best service with love and care! If you are located in Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, or Mississippi and looking to have the ultimate home birth experience, please don’t hesitate to select their service at! They are amazing and will always hold a special place in our hearts!

Marvin Mosley, January 2023


The birth of my first son was handled by Cherishing Life Beginnings Doula Services. The service was excellent from Beginning to end. we had classes on everything from circumcision to hospital procedures. It was an eye opening and reality checking experience and the best part was me getting to be the first to touch my Son and help bring him into this world. This was an unforgettable experience. Thanks!!

Gevonte Harris, February 2022


Doula Ife tailors her skills and knowledge to your needs! My husband and I were specific about our birth educational need and she delivered so well.

Alanna Word, October 2022


The energy brought to her work is worth everything you are willing to invest in this experience. I love her and her services. She definitely aided me with the herbs and vitamins I needed to stay healthy naturally!!!

Ty Love, January 2021


Doula Ife! She is amazing at the things she does and says. I love her positive spirit and energy. She will always be honest with you and give you all the information and support you need. Never doubted her and always trusted her

Tatiana Vaughn, March 2021


I can now say that I am proud member of #teamnaturalbirth #teamhomebirth & #teamwaterbirth and Doula Ife played a large role in that process. My first two births were in the hospital with epidurals but with my third I was determined to labor and deliver at home. The supports she gave before, during, and after the birth process was everything I needed. From phone conversations about my labor progression before she arrived to being by my side coaching and massaging me through each labor pain to staying with me after birth to following up with me days and weeks after my son was born, she was exactly what was needed. She made my labor comfortable and I wouldn’t change a thing.

Kisty Caples, April 2021


I love her and the services that she gives. l loved the entire package. Always on time, took her time with me and my family. You can count on her!

LaPortia Pierson, July 2021


Ife was such an amazing Doula and because of her, my labor and delivery were everything I had dreamed of and more. She listened to my wants and needs and provided exceptional care. I had prodromal labor for almost 2 weeks, she sat with me, massaged my body, made herbal capsules, and so much more. she is truly an angel in the flesh.

Tiffany Minor, May 2019


Very knowledgeable, and helpful. I don't know what I would've done without her guidance.

Cedrene Jacques, February 2019

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