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Why Does Black Birthworkers Matter?

Updated: May 16, 2023

Black Birthworkers matter! They are on the frontline in supporting Black maternal and infant health and the lifeblood for creating positive birth outcomes for Black mamas, babies, and families. We matter, we are important, and we must stop allowing the medical and hospital complex bully us and our families with birthing the way they want us to. It is time to EMPOWER our Mother Earths and families within the birthing community to take their birthrights back and lean on their innate ability of giving birth without medical intervention unless it is an emergency or necessary. To often, the care we receive as black and brown individuals within the system leads to death, birth trauma, or a feeling of disappointment and unsatisfactory births due to lack of cultural competence and diversity.Please understand, I am not taking anything away from the great Dr., Midwives, Nurses, and other staff, BUT all BS aside, numbers do not lie. Due to this, we are once again in a position where we must SOS. Unfortunately, as we begin to create our birth villages again, we have the complex passing laws and regulations that will restrict us ith performing our work in their establish unless we receive "their certifications". Well, our ancestor Harriet Tubman showed us that we must continue to do the work even if it kills us in the process because this is about FREEDOM, Having the free will to birth when, how, and where we want without being ridiculed or CPS being called because we are considered "neglectful and uneducated". If you do not know OURStory of birthwork, you cannot see HiStory repeating itself, systematic eradication of black birthworkers. I do not know about you all, but this is why do Black Birthworkers Matter? Because your and your star seedling life depends on us.

#HarrietTubman of Childbirth

A Black Birthworker Business Tool Kit

Creativity, Resilience and Resistance: Black Birthworkers’ Responses to the COVID-19 Pandemic

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