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Are you a Homebirther Candidate?

You have decided that you want to take your birth rights back into your own hands and have decided to birth in the comfort of your home opposed to the hospital institution. You are excited and have begun researching homebirths and have begun having discussions about it. So what's next?

First, CONGRATULATIONS 🎉 for choosing YOU and wanting to go back to the natural processes of childbirth. Your ancestors have awaken within and have guided you back to our innate practices of birthing.

Homebirth is NOT for everyone and it's important that you know and understand if you are a good candidate to perform one.

What makes you a good candidate for a Homebirth? Glad you asked. If you are low risk, healthy, have no pregnancy ailments or other health complications, and you have the right MINDSET, you are the perfect candidate for a homebirth.

Now your wondering, what would disqualify me as a homebirth candidate? If you have health complications such asthma, high blood pressure, diabetes, obese, prone to or have a history of gestational diabetes or preeclampsia, these ailments may disqualify you from a successful homebirth but if these things are regulated with herbs or medication, you aren't necessarily disqualified.

Want to learn more about whether you are a Homebirther Candidate, reach out to a local homebirth attendant such as a CPM, CNM, Traditional Midwife, or Doula. If local to Columbus, GA, contact US at:

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