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Going Back to the Basics of Traditional Birthing #NormalizingHomeBirth #TipsForHomebirthSuccess

Updated: Jan 27, 2023

You know you are strong and capable of having a homebirth. You have talked to midwives and doulas and feel that you are a good candidate for a homebirth. You have researched and watched tons of videos on homebirths and you are positive you can do it. You have prepared your body by consuming healthy foods and beverages, exercised and kept yourself flexible via prenatal yoga and you have prepared your mind for the experience. You are now ready to birth your Starseed at home.

CONGRATULATIONS! You have now taken the proper steps to walk into your divinity of childbirth. You have earned your innate birthing abilities and your power has been given back to you. As you continue your journey of walking your path into the Rites of Passage into or back into Motherhood, you will be guided by your instincts, your birthing power, and your Starseed.

As you breathe love and light into yourself, baby, and around you, here are a few tips to aid you in having a successful birth.

  • Have a birth team - this can consist of family, friends, birthworkers, or anyone you love that SUPPORTS your cause. Please have someone that is well-versed, such as a Midwife or doula, on the team, if possible.

  • Have a Birth Plan - So you want to have a homebirth and that is what you plan to do. Don't be in the situation NOT having a back-up/contingency plan just in case something goes unplanned. Ensure you have all birthing equipment and items that you will need during and after birth.

  • Know your BODY- Know how you perform when you are uncomfortable. Know what will be required to comfort you. Understand the processes of labor and how your body can possibly react to it. What is your pain tolerance? How can I bring about relaxation to my body?

  • Have fun! This isn't your boring hospital experience. Move, dance, sing, laugh, love, and enjoy the experience. Don't allow the uncomfortable feeling of childbirth confine you to the bed. Embrace the total experience and birth YOUR WAY!

  • Take a Birth Educational Class - Whether you go and sit in a classroom, online, or if you have someone to come to your home, birth education is vital to the success of your birth. Understanding the stages of labor, the anatomy of body parts and how they function, breathing techniques, nutrition, exercise, etc., all these things should be learned and understand how this applies to you and your body.

  • Have affirmations ready to recite throughout the process as they aid with relaxation and building your confidence.

  • BE PREPARED - be prepared for the BEST outcome but also be prepared for any complications that may arise.

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