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Breastfeeding Tips for the Working Mother

As a former breastfeeding mother of 2 and a breastfeeding specialist, if you are a working mom Cherishing Life Beginnings Doula Service understands the importance of finding a balance between work, pumping, and taking care of yourself. One thing I hear often from working moms is that "my supply has decreased since I've been back to work!" Well I want to help you get the results you expect whether you are a working mom, traveling working mom, or a stay at home mom.

So how can you keep your supply up as a working mama? Glad you asked!

🤱🏾 Use Your Legal Rights: Depending on your location, take advantage of any legal protections or requirements for break time and a private space for pumping, as mentioned in the federal "Break Time for Nursing Mothers" law.

🤱🏾Plan Ahead: Plan your pumping schedule in advance. Aim for approximately 2-4 pumping sessions during an 8-hour workday, depending on your needs and your baby's feeding schedule..

🤱🏾 Coordinate Breaks: Coordinate your pumping breaks with your regular breaks or lunchtime. This will help ensure you have enough time for pumping without disrupting your work excessively.

🤱🏾 Optimize Pumping Time: Make the most of your pumping sessions by being well-prepared. Have your pump, bottles, and supplies ready to go. Use techniques that help stimulate milk flow and efficiency

🤱🏾 Stay Hydrated and Nourished: Stay hydrated and have snacks available to help maintain your energy and milk supply.

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